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Adaptación de reglas de HeroQuest para jugar al Vampiro. Las meto en este artículo para que no se pierdan, son interesantes.

Vampires have four keywords - Former Life, Faction, Clan, and Disciplines.

Former Life

Your character's Former Life keyword tells us who he was before the Embrace. It could be a profession, a place of origin, a period in history, or anything else that characterises his origins. As the possibilities here are effectively endless, a freeform approach is probably best. Decide on a name that sums up this former life in some way - Hotshot Lawyer, Angry Drop-Out, Chinese Immigrant, Medieval Priest, etc - and either write it up as a full keyword or use it as a broad concept to improvise from.


Your character's Faction keyword is essentially a Vampire species keyword with one of three different ideological spins. The lot of a Vampire is in many ways a tragic one, what with being Cursed by God and everything, so this keyword also comes with some Flaws to add a bit of spice to proceedings.

Anarch / Independent

Abilities: Create Blood Bond, Hunt Prey, I Am My Own Master, Identify Own Kind, Live Forever, Make Own Rules, Resist Authority, Shrug Off Injury. Personality Traits: Fear Other Factions, Predatory, Territorial, Value Freedom. Relationships: to anarch movement, to coterie, to prince, to sire. Flaws: Rotschreck, The Beast, The Hunger, The Mark Of Caine.

The Camarilla

Abilities: Create Blood Bond, Hunt Prey, I Am Not A Monster, Identify Own Kind, Live Forever, Preserve The Masquerade, Respect The Traditions, Shrug Off Injury. Personality Traits: Hate The Sabbat, Predatory, Territorial, Value Order. Relationships: to camarilla hierarchy, to coterie, to prince, to sire. Flaws: Rotschreck, The Beast, The Hunger, The Mark Of Caine.

The Sabbat

Abilities: Cause Terror, Create Blood Bond, Follow The Code Of Milan, Hunt Prey, I Am The Hunter In The Night, Identify Own Kind, Live Forever, Shrug Off Injury. Personality Traits: Hate The Camarilla, Predatory, Territorial, Value Power. Relationships: to coterie, to prince, to sabbat leadership, to sire. Flaws: Rotschreck, The Beast, The Hunger, The Mark Of Caine.


Your character's Clan keyword represents the unique gifts and hierarchies of the bloodline he has been brought into. Most of the common clans are represented here, but if you want to play a Caitiff or some obscure bloodline you will have to create the keyword yourself.


Abilities: Attack Without Warning, Commit Diablerie, Conceal True Motive, Dread Reputation, Follow The Teachings Of Haqim, Know The Murderous Arts, Negotiate Blood Contract, Stealthy. Personality Traits: Disciplined, Fanatical, Hate Infidels, Honourable. Relationships: to apprentice, to clan elders, to current employer, to current target. Flaw: Blood Curse.


Abilities: Affinity For Mortals, Build A Finer World, Do Something Now, Fight!, Inspire Loyalty, Never Give Up, Remember Lessons Of Old Carthage, Solve Problem With Violence. Personality Traits: Aggressive, Passionate, Proud, Stubborn. Relationships: to clan elders, to counter-culture, to lost cause, to pressure group. Flaw: Hair Trigger Temper.

Follower Of Set

Abilities: Corrupt Innocent, Create Web Of Deceit, Exploit Weakness, Hide In Darkness, Learn Secret, Manipulate Events, Occult Lore, Worship Set. Personality Traits: Cunning, Patient, Scheming, Untrustworthy. Relationships: to blackmailed pawn, to clan elders, to cultists, to underworld. Flaw: Feel The Sun's Holy Wrath.


Abilities: Act On Instinct, Befriend Animal, Defend Territory, Fight Tooth And Claw, Follow Trail, Ignore Protocol, Know The Wild Places, Pass Without Trace. Personality Traits: Direct, Fierce, Solitary, Uncomfortable In Civilisation. Relationships: to animal, to clan elders, to garou, to rural folk. Flaw: Mark Of The Beast.


Abilities: Avoid Repercussions, Betray Ally, Know Kindred Politics, Noble Bearing, Plot From The Shadows, Spread Disinformation, The Art Of Diplomacy, The Art Of War. Personality Traits: Arrogant, Elitist, Power Hungry, Untrustworthy. Relationships: to church institutions, to clan elder, to co-conspirators, to wronged former ally. Flaw: Cast No Reflection.


Abilities: Escape Bonds, Know Conspiracy Theory, Look Harmless, Malkavian Madness Network, Play The Fool, See The Truth, Strength Through Insanity, Weirdness Magnet. Personality Traits: Insightful, Painfully Honest, Strangely Charismatic, Unpredictable. Relationships: to clan elders, to former asylum, to lunatic fringe, to tolerant normals. Flaw: Touched By Madness.


Abilities: Eavesdrop On Conversation, Endure Burden, Find Safe Haven, Hide In Shadows, Know Secrets, Run From Trouble, Stalk Through Ruins, Terrify Stranger. Personality Traits: Gentle, Hate The Beautiful People, Self-Pitying, Stoic. Relationships: to clan elders, to ghouled animal, to homeless mortal, to network of contacts. Flaw: Monstrously Deformed.


Abilities: Above Mere Politics, Find Deeper Meaning, Inspire Greatness, Know Art History, Make Dramatic Gesture, Preserve Culture, See Potential, Seek Perfection. Personality Traits: Creative, Emotional, Pretentious, Self Indulgent. Relationships: to clan elders, to media, to muse, to young fashionable artists. Flaw: Easily Distracted.


Abilities: Anticipate Problem, Cunning Plan, Know Place In Hierarchy, Occult Lore, Perform Arcane Ritual, Seize Power, Sense Opportunity, Unfazed By Hostility. Personality Traits: Controlling, Curious, Paranoid, Secretive. Relationships: to apprentice, to clan elders, to gargoyle, to mage. Flaw: Oppressive Clan Hierarchy.


Abilities: Command Subordinate, Defend Territory, Exploit Superstition, Invent Cruel Punishment, Noble Bearing, Rule Through Fear, Unsettling Appearance, Wreak Vengeance. Personality Traits: Arrogant, Brutal, Merciless, Transhumanist. Relationships: to clan elders, to fleshcrafted monster, to ghoul servants, to prisoners. Flaw: Bound To The Soil Of My Homeland.


Abilities: Find Precedent, Forge Alliance, Know Proper Etiquette, Natural Leader, Network Of Influence, Noblesse Oblige, Proud Lineage, Status Is Everything. Personality Traits: Ambitious, Conservative, Dutiful, Proud. Relationships: to clan elders, to corporate allies, to mentor, to politician. Flaw: Restrictive Feeding Habits.


Your character's Disciplines are the occult powers he is able to draw on by virtue of his ancient bloodline. Choose any 3 disciplines as affinities and any 3 powers as feats, OR choose one discipline as a keyword and up to 8 powers as derived abilities. All disciplines count as concentrated magic (of the same kind) and you should ignore the rules for inherently difficult magic and the natural magic resistance of 14.

Animalism - Sample Powers: Calm The Beast Within, Feral Speech, Summon Beasts, Supreme Predator.

Auspex - Sample Powers: Heightened Senses, Psychometric Flash, Remote Viewing, Soulsight.

Celerity - Sample Powers: Lightning Reflexes, Outrun Foe, Strike First, Uncanny Dodge.

Dementation - Sample Powers: Cause Hallucination, Intensify Feeling, Mass Confusion, Shatter Mind.

Dominate - Sample Powers: Alter Memory, Break Will, Subtle Manipulation, Word Of Command.

Fortitude - Sample Powers: Feel No Pain, Go Without, Heal Quickly, Withstand Impact.

Obfuscate - Sample Powers: Cloak Of Shadows, Conceal Thoughts, Mask Of A Thousand Faces, Remain Unseen.

Obtenebration - Sample Powers: Become Insubstantial, Cloud Of Darkness, Manipulate Shadows, Tendril Of The Night.

Potence - Sample Powers: Crushing Grip, Impressive Leap, Lift Heavy Object, Unstoppable Punch.

Presence - Sample Powers: Awesome Presence, Dread Gaze, Inspirational Leadership, Sway Crowd.

Protean - Sample Powers: Grow Talons, Meld Into The Earth, Turn Into Bat, Turn Into Wolf.

Quietus - Sample Powers: Aura Of Silent Footfalls, Blood Poison, Concentrate Blood, Debilitating Touch.

Serpentis - Sample Powers: Hypnotic Gaze, Speak With Forked Tongue, Summon Snakes, Turn Into Giant Cobra.

Thaumaturgy - Sample Powers: Blood Oath Ritual, Devil's Touch, Summon Flame, Ward Versus Mortals.

Vicissitude - Sample Powers: Assume Monstrous Form, Deform Victim, Grow Body Weaponry, Malleable Visage.

Other Abilities

Choose additional abilities based on whichever of the 3 chargen methods you prefer - a list of 10 abilities, a 100 word description, or just made up during play itself.

Add Numbers

The keyword ratings are really up to you. To make Vampires a bit more impressive than your average mortal I would probably suggest something like 17 for Former Life and Other Abilities and 10m for Faction, Clan, and Disciplines.

Special Rules

I'm a firm believer in the elegant simplicity of the HQ system; the normal rules for framing contests, applying improv modifiers, and narrating outcomes are all much more effective tools than any manner of special rules and contest types. So I'm telling you you don't need to come up with any funky mechanics to get this to work.

In particular, note that the difference between aggravated damage and normal damage can be represented by applying modifiers to the Shrug Off Injury ability (or whichever ability you end up opposing with), blood points can be represented by contests involving The Hunger, and frenzy tests would just use The Beast. I wouldn't get too hung up about generation - if anyone has an unusually high or low generation they should take it as an ability or a flaw, and diablerie can be looked on as an excuse to spend lots of HP on improvements without incurring the additional 'unrelated to play' costs. I would treat The Mark Of Caine as a general humanity barometer, applying contest consequences to it as wound penalties or augments as appropriate.

Mark Humphreys